Loremaster Davrosto Everyone

I understand your reasons for questioning me as I have been absent (on holiday) for the last week or so. I do not believe that you are yet ready to replace me however, so I will stand in this election and ask all Thakrians to support me. The fact that you are eager to take on the responsibility and concerend with the dishonourable actions of Blodwyn are proof enough that your time will come in this greatest of all cities. Blodwyn's actions have looked dubious for a long long time, this is why I was concerend with her deleteing of the city accounts and documented it in the city ACTIONS. (Being a responsible citizen I have no doubt you saw this). scoff senrar I therefore ask all citizens of Thakria to support me against the challenge of Blodwyn to keep her thieving hands out of our resources. Thankyou in anticipation. Loremaster Davros Bloodaxe