A shadowy figureto Everyone

We do not want barons to work together. Why? 1: They will be a monopoly of production and that means prices would rise not fall as there would be no choice but to buy off them. 2: If the barons worked together why have three cities anyway? 3: The corruption would be unbelievable. 4: Barons are not barons to help people (any baron saying that is a liar aswell as a power hungry capitalist) they are there to make more for themselves. 5: Don't for a minute believe that they give a monkeys either way because people do buy the food - NO MATTER WHAT THE PRICE!

Just remember folks its bad now but don't, please don't, ask for it to be made worse out of a want for something that won't happen. Luckily the Barons will not work together EVER because the one thing barons hate more than lowering prices is OTHER Barons. Thank the Gods for power hungry maniacs keeping the sense of competition alive in Avalon today.