Cont (nearly finished!)

Fraxinusto Taliesin, the Rhymer

McGregor wheeled 'is horse about, 'is face all twisted, suffused wi' doubt, Jimmy struck - a deadly thrust, What happened next, I'll tell ye, if I must.

Suffice to say an arrow flew, It struck poor Jimmy 'ard an' true, An' as 'e fell upon his knees, MacGregor said \"Th' Hat, please\",

Then Elzabeth came runnin' up, An' threw herself 'nto th' arms of her love, McGregor kissed her, held her near, 'is bastard soldiers raised a cheer.

Now little Jimmy was afadin' fast, All 'e could see was the dark o' 'is past, 'till th' cruel, harsh tones o' a voice 'e adored, Said, \"I ner'er loved you. Jimmy your nought. \"