Aredhelto Everyone


Don't forget folks that as well as being available from Cassiadora Square, potions are also able to be purchased from any available Alchemist, with the added bonus of discounts for bulk orders! As well the ubiquitous potions, there are many wondrous runes for your delectation, guaranteed to do some nasty damage to whoever you hit with them, or, if you lack any form of magical ability but desire to hurl fireballs at people or locate things then our enchanted items are just the thing ! Requiring absolutely NO magical knowledge whatsoever, these items are seriously useful things to have.

So don't delay, contact an Alchemist right away!

PS We regret that items cannot currently be purchased from our shop as a certain thief has a key and until this is rectified we cannot afford to place things in the shop.

Aredhel of the Alchemists