Reading what is written...

Fraxinusto Everyone

Inshallah dear. I never mentioned anything about one guild being better than another. I merely voiced a concern and asked for the opinion of others. I am truly sorry if this affronted you in any way. The matter would have ended where it began if you had not blown the whole thing out of proportion by ordering my death. As for not being a bully? Then please stop the death threats. I fear it is people like you who would start a \"round robin\" of complaint and counter-complaint. I agree that it is unreasonable for the skills of the various guilds to be curtailed - when they are all of equal proportion to begin with. However this is surely a matter for reasonable intelligent debate!? I am sure the gods will not be forced into doing anything unreasonable. Please grow up Inshallah and refrain from your petty vendettas.