Inshallah the Entrepreneurialto Everyone

Talking of others skills is (it seems to me) rather dangerous. This is because if everyone starts mentioning how unfair certain skills seem then eventually every guild will be being attacked in round robin cycles for being slightly better than any other. Its like an unwritten rule, you got your skills we got ours. We don't mention what you can do thats better than what we can do to you and vice versa. I lied about the number of people hired, the real number was none. You were killed by a friend, whom I thanked. I will not kill you again if you stay quiet about skills. Remember in the long runit benifits no one to curtail skills of any guild because the gods then proportionalise all the other guilds skills too.

Ps I'm not a bully - just good at threats - useless at carrying them out, but good at threats.