The shadowy nutter

Inshallah the Entrepreneurialto Everyone

No no you misunderstand, I am rich enough to afford not to bother. Why should I dirty my hands on scum like you ? I didn't over react I merely tried to discourage others from trying to get the gods to curtail our skills further than they have been already. Once we were an equal match for the magical guilds. This is no longer so true. You were the voice that mentioned it - therefore you were the example that was made. I am not a nutter I am a thief and proud of it, ask anyone, but I am really annoyed that we, more than any other proffession get so much stick from people who have a much easier time of it. Look on the bright side, at least you logged off before the other 8 interested parties got their swords into you. Oh yeah and if you think thieves are bad ask around about the opinion of necros. Inshallah 'that shadowy nutter'