Inshallah the Ineptto Everyone

I'll agree I remember a time when the city of Thakria was the hub of the Avalon community and can only blame the shift in popular choice toward the other two cities on the rather higher efficenceny of their barons. I myself think that whilst some Thakrian barons try very hard to make the city a nice place to live most of the barons there seem not to give a tinkers fart either way and only use the powers vested in them to their own ends and needs not anyone elses. I'm not saying that all the Thakrian barons are rubbish, far from it, more simply that the one or two lazy ones are giving the place a very bad reputation for being a deadend dump Pehaps a quick purge of the bad baron element is whats required. Who knows. Certainly not I for not even the most base player can possibly consider me an authority on any part of Avalon and especially not running its component parts.

Inshallah the Inept and Patronising (she suspects)