Gods and How to Win Favour

Funnily enough I did it out of self-centred greed like 992010f Avalon characters. The reasoning was simply. 1: You and my Patron were not, you'll agree, seeing eye to eye. 2: I'm standing there watching his wishes be ignore. 3: I saw a way to improve my standing with my lord. 4: I shot you with a Jegga'd arrow. Simple. He's pleased and I'm happy. If it makes you feel any better the god of Justice decided to punish me and I died twice so don't worry and be damn glad you packed that mobile coccoon of yours! And one more thing Just what in hells name do you think thieves are like? We don't go round doing charity events for telethon y'know!

Why is it that thieves are hated by just about everyone until they find something they wants on the other side of a locked door? So remember thieves are robbers and murderers not members of some charitable organisation designed to help people like the bloody animists!!!