Baroness Klassito Everyone

Hello People of Avalon, What would you say to a player, a baroness from Parrius who after managing to fashion her own Dragon now starts picking on weaker mortals, I am of course talking about Marie who untill today I held in high esteem!. She Spits on Thakria and tries without success to kill one of its weakest and newest citizens 'VICKY' I protected Vicky and I am Honour Bound to protect any citizen of Thakria. I have now been made an enemy by Marie, she is still at present neutral to me, I have never lifted a finger against anyone in the lands of Avalon, so find it hard to understand her reasoning. Marie will of course answer with a profusion of words which I can't wait to read: BUT should a Baroness of any City throw their weight around and pick on weaker mortals?. I think not. Klassi