Taliesinto Everyone

Jezza: Yeeeeeess, really? Tal: IT WAS NOT ME!!!!!!!! Jezza+Dr. N: Yeeeeeeeeees Mr. Paranoid:... aNd iNQuisItoRs ReaLlY sCarE mE..... Ezekiel:(Brandishing processional cross) REALLY? WHY WOULD THAT BE? ARe YOU A HERETIC?!!!!!!!!!! MR. Paranoid:(hysterics):Gibber, gibber, gibber... Ezekiel: REPENT, RENOUNCE YOUR SINS!!! THE APOCALYPSE IS AT HAND!!! THE ARMAGGEDON IS HERE!!! THERE SHALL BE NO RESPITE!!! Tal: LOOK, JUST PISS OFF, IT WAS NOT ME!!!! Jezza+Dr. N:Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Fluffy: Baaaaaa Tal: RIGHT!!! THAT'S IT!!!! (Pulls out killer halibut) WHO'S FIRST? Jezza+Dr. N:(Run like greased wombats with their tails on fire.) AAAGH!!! Ezekiel:DO YOU RECANT?!!!!!! HERETIC!!!!!! Mr. Paranoid:(Runs like Ben Johnson on three tons of speed) AAAAH! Ezekiel:(Runs like unfit inquisitor) COME BACK HERETIC!!!!1 Tal: Er... sorry about that, folks, more in a bit. Meanwhile, time for a lamb kebab (CHOP! Fluffy expires)