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TALIESIN TV Tal:Hello, good evening, and welcome (and to those of you watching on crystal ball, a big hi to you too). This is Taliesin TV the new and informative TV station. Tonight we start with Avalon Tonight, the not- so-current affairs program. With me to discuss various events are Mr. Paranoid, Inquisitor Ezekiel of the heiniously Blasphemous order of heretics, Jeremy Paxman, and Fluffy the sheep. Fluffy:BAAAAA!!! Tal: Oh, and Dr. Nutz and Boltz. Dr. N: Zank you. Tal: Superman would be with us, but unfortunately he was not quite as fast as a speeding bullet. The funeral is on thursday. Our first topic is the wedding of Lady Arback to Falstaff the Fey. Mr. Paranoid: ANd ThEy Fire raYs aT Me thaT GivE mE a gUiLty exPreSsion eVery tiMe I gO pasT a poLicE sTatIon..... Jezza:YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, Mr. Paranoid, but is it not true, Dr. Nutz n Boltz, that your father was implicated in the Zapruder scandal? Dr. N: No, zat iz not true. Tal: Please, Mr. Paxman, stick to the subject.