DisfavourII- the revenge

Taliesinto Baroness Blodwyn, Soothsayer of Thakria

My Lady, you forget that I, as a newly born whelp at the time believed Anarchos to be the right choice, as I intended to be a sorceror, but then I realized the error of such a choice when today I attempted to quit on your advice, but NO! I was given a hand in so doing by your good self, buy one quit patron, get one disfavour free. I regret having to change my aliegance to Anarchos (did I spell it (aliegance) right?), but having seriously thought about my ethics, morals, and the price of Mercinaen halibut, I decided to change. This was not an easy thing to do, and yet I am disfavoured for doing what I believe to be correct. And so... I must stand on my head and call you Susan while calling out my sacred mantra, Ouchie! until the disfavour wears off. I kid you not, ladies and gentlemen. Taliesin