The cruel and most not-very-nice disfavouring of Taliesin the minstrel by Baroness Blodwyn

Taliesinto Everyone

Once again the cruel head of injustice rears its ugly head. Once again the unwholesome backside of evil is thrust in our faces. Once again the malign course of oppression forces us, backs against the wall, to defend ourselves with nothing but a limp kipper called Herbert. No, I am not talking about Dennis Norton, but the nasty disfavour of myselfby Blodwyn and the incurrent wrath of my ex-deity. The point being that I, as a newly graduated minstrel, do not know my way around and which commands do what. As a result, I tried to quit the deity, but could not, as I used the wrong command. In addition, Anarchos was not logged on, and as a result, I could not quit. So indeed do we hop madly in circles to avoid the resultant influx of miscarriages of justice, but, alas, are caught. I am feeling a bit melancholy. Taliesin.