Elvironto Everyone

Following on from the earlier posting from Fiorella, I should wish to make it quite clear that the Animists as a collective conciousness abhor violence and wanton destruction and will do everything within their not inconsiderable powers to prevent any such acts from taking place at all. If this is not possible, healing or resurrection will usually be readily at hand - we take no sides in disputes of a purely materialistic nature but work hard for the common good of ALL living things.

As to a base, I feel quite strongly that we should move to some remote enclave in the forests of Avalon where we can be at one with nature and at the same time, adopt a neutrality that we can only attain by relinquishing any citizenships of the various cities and towns of Avalon.

As Fiorella asked earlier, please MSG either myself, Fiorella or our great and revered patron Aldaron as to your views on this most important matter.