Im so pleased that you have heeded the words of my guild mistress and in some small measure attempted to discuss issues that concern you with a little more civility. It is well that druids can teach you curtsey as well as their skills.

But let us get down to cases. Of course you dont need to pick herbs! that is the heart of the entire grievance. As you say Thakria has a diverse citizenry fully equipped to access any commodity it requires including herbs, yet you felt so deprived you required the skill yourself? Maybe I should be granted the skills of a Loremaster as finding runes and potions is such a chore!

Is it not your own laziness and self aggrandisement that has led to you obtain something you neither need nor merit rather than it being the fault of animist unwillingness and neglect? Now at least you can keep your shop in Thakria fully stocked with the herbs that you struggle so terribly to obtain in the past.

As a young animist I elevated herbs and poisons to the highest attainable level and these precious skills defined me as a druid. They connected me intimately with the life of the land as I roamed and planted and picked and tended. So hear this Sorcerer, while one as unfit as you possesses my skill I will complain and object to the enth degree, and no amount of reading nor pondering the will of the Gods will change that.

As for the forest East of Thakria Square I would like it back. It was beautiful when there and I pray to the Gods for its blessed return. Its dark days whenever a sorcerer wakes in the land, whether it be Belgarath Malak Scouter or you so spare me your threats. An inconvenient forest or skills for the unworthy is for the Gods to decided. Sorcerers and the children of the forest can protest however they like but ultimately both must submit to Their will.

Dreamflower Zazenaie

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 22nd of Mournsend, in the year 1474.