The forest.

Sarvar Vizaresh, Sorcerer Supremeto Druids

Druids and Animists.

It seems your brains have rotted from all your time as trees. You need to start reading before you choose your words. I did not blame it on you. Be it an act of you, nature or even the gods, the forest is responsible and in the end it will be the forest that pays. So please, before you try to prove yourselves the halfwits we see you as, just read. You are the children of the forest and you are the ones placed to protect it, hence my post being directed at you.

With that in mind, Zazenaie, you should think twice about requesting the forest location to return. The forest intruding where it doesn't belong would quite definitely bring about a dark time for it, and you.

It's funny you speak of diminishing your power, when you do that on your own. You spend so much time complaining about a decision made by the gods, that you neglect your own knowledge of your nature given powers. It honestly amuses me how little you all know. Stop complaining and hit the books. At least once you learn to read.

Caelia, the forest is not as useful as you seem to think. Burning it would actually be more profitable in terms of comms. Everything we get from the forest can be done in a garden. Herbs, Poisons, even trees. We can get Balsa from the rivers. Thakria has it's own Druids and the Brigands to work gardens if need be. You cry when we cut down one tree out of thousands. We give you a shop to sell herbs and you are too lazy to do even that, yet you complain when we are given the skill to do it ourselves. You and your forest do little to nothing for us.

Obviously the forest will always grow back. But I can still hurt it. Badly. Knowing that, I will continue to pick it's herbs and use it's trees to fuel our braziers and furnaces. But don't think for a second we need you.


Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 20th of Eleuthral, in the year 1474.