Forest East of Thakria Sq

Dreamflower Zazenaie of the Moonlightto Everyone

Where did the lovely forest East of Square in Thakria go? I think we can all agree it wasnt Animist mischievousness as implied by Sarvars public tantrum that caused this event. So who was it? Was it a mistake? An accident? Or did someone change their mind? What a mystery! The only precedent I can think of is when Lady Andromeda changed some city locations in Silverfalls to valley years ago, something that was similarly reversed. Hopefully it wasn+++t removed to placate Savars outrage, but one can only speculate given the lack of any evidence or explanation.

This whole issue would be irrelevant in my mind if it wasnt for the on going tension about the herb skill. Though it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to think of Sorcerers chasing about Avalon breathing life into the land by planting herbs like excited young Saplings, they really should not possess this skill, nor should they ever have been given the potential to learn it. It has amounted to an increase in their power and diminished our own, and it has handed them a new weapon to use at whim against the forests that they already burn and mistreat. Keep your buckets ready!

Despite the infantile nature of Sarvars post I did identify with his outrage. The sudden appearance of a forest in such a sensitive place must have been a terrible shock for him and viewed as undermining sorcerer power and prestige. Do we not feel the same anger and frustration about him possessing the herbs skill? For Animists of course the forest location was a pleasant surprise, a gift from the Gods, we felt that in a small but wonderful way our grievance had somehow been acknowledged. Alas our excitement was all too brief.

Though I would never presume to shout Fix it! to anyone, may I respectfully request of the Gods that East of Thakria Sq forest be returned to us. We the Animists never had much of a bargaining position with Sorcerers, far less now they have the herbs skill, and there is very little we can do to temper their contempt and abuse. For a brief moment we felt that we had been noticed and empowered to address this imbalance only to have those hopes taken away.

In hope and for balance

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 13th of Midwinter, in the year 1474.