The Realm

Dreamflower Zazenaie of the Moonlightto Everyone

Avalon is an incredible land full of wonder and excitement and its complexity quite blows my mind. Even when Ive been dormant I sometimes end up thinking about what is happening here and wonder when I would next return. It is sad there is negativity in the land but like Skia I too and an optimist and hope all will become well.

Im not sure about trinkets, it never really shocked me or anything that they have become a part of Avalon because I guess it is reflective of any other land. Some have incredible power and some dont, that seems the way of it. Your average Dark Lord doesnt usually arise without some token of immense power. Maybe Im missing the point as Ive not given trinkets much thought and Im sure there are greater dynamics at play regarding them.

Not having the full use of your God given skill set is a different matter as our skills are central to who we are in Avalon and how we navigate its beauty and complexity. It is my firm opinion that the Gods should trouble shoot broken skills as a matter of priority and every one of us should be able to command the full repertoire of our skills. Well apart from Sorcerers who should be consigned to some kind of skill set purgatory where they are only allowed to garden. Only joking, theres no way Id trust a sorcerer with my garden!

I think a lot of the frustration can be reduced by skill functionality being prioritized and made sacrosanct, but I also think that it+++s fair to say the Gods are very quiet generally and it would be nice to have them being more interactive with the community at large. It would certainly make me feel more cared for which I think, along with our commonality, is an intrinsic part of any community.

Thank you for reading and please no one take offense. This is all purely my opinion and I will continue to love Avalon whatever happens and I thank the Gods they gave the Land to me to enjoy.


Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 1st of Midwinter, in the year 1472.