State of the Realm

Druidess Skiato Everyone

Hello, everyone.

Firstly, Aster, I would like to apologise for the experience you have had in the land. As Minister of Public Relations in Mercinae, and a general carer of all novices and returnees, it hurts my heart to know that your experience back was not a positive one. I hope that this changes in the next few days.

My post here will veer away from \"What is your opinion on the trinkets\" and it will focus more on \"Why the negativity\"... Those who know me, know that I am a bubbly and hopeful person. My love for the community in this realm and for caring for novices has kept me, despite the negativity and the confusion. I will remain here for as long as my hope and my love for the people of the land continue. With that in mind, know that what I say is said in a positive light (no matter how negative it may sound), and that others' opinions are far less hopeful than my own.

As a mortal in the land, I have had to work around many skills that no longer function as they should. Sometimes that benefits me, and sometimes it does not. Most of the time, I haven't realised that I've been using a skill incorrectly, until it has been pointed out by my Seniors. For me, the broken skills have become all that I have known. In a way, perhaps this is an entirely new skillset. But for those who have known the \"functioning\" skillset, it is frustrating.

Furthermore, there have been two or three events where even our auras were forced from the realm, and we couldn't find the strength to wake ourselves (OOC: Avalon Server Crashes). These events were worrisome, and left us doubtful of the future of our realm. There are still unusual and abnormal things happening in our land as a result of these \"realm breaks\". With \"broken\" becoming the new, accepted normal state, it took a \"realm break\" to really throw the people of the land into a state where we are concerned about the future of Avalon.

I truly believe that the greatest cause of our negativity is the silence from the gods... We try speak with them in many forms of communication, and some are fortunate to have a reply from them, and others are not. They have been silent for most of my life, and I have been one of the fortunate few that have heard their voice, now and then.

I do understand that the gods have greater concerns than that which mortals concern themselves with. I do also feel that in great events like the earthquakes and realm breaks that we have experienced, there should be some response from the gods to assure us that not all is lost. When there is none, it leaves us all hopeless, faithless and in a very negative state.

There is a great need for a Public Relations god. Or perhaps a Cardinal, or a High Priest or Priestess. Truly, any form of regular communication from the gods would be well received!

When we suffer as we do in silence, and are offered little hope from even our own gods, our suffering turns into hopelessness and we turn to slumber eternally, instead.

I will keep holding onto my hope. My love for this realm and its people is stronger than all the doubts and the fears that weigh on me. I am still filled with wonder and I still make discoveries each day.

But love cannot live eternal, if it is not reciprocated.

With almost-eternal hope,

Skia, Nature's Dancer

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 3rd of Ilmarael, in the year 1471.