My return

Sparkling Aster, Star of Avalonto Everyone

Greetings Avalon,

It has been wonderful to visit my old home and see so many familiar faces. I see that Mercinae is growing strong under Lleu's steady leadership, as I knew it would.

However, I have to say my return has been somewhat marred by the negative atmosphere in the land.

Two main issues have been raised. The quietness of the land and the existence of trinkets.

The one caused by the latter perhaps.

However, one must remember that Avalon is like the ocean. It ebbs and flows. It is ever changing and ever deepening. It has moments of quietness and calm, as well as periods of great storms. The quiet moments are the time for reflection. To build and grow and work and loan. Lleu knows this, I can see.

The trinkets are different matter entirely. I am not going to pretend that it does not rankle to see the spellbooks I have worked so hard to hone, for sale like some sort of current bun in a shop.

However, equally, running around, insulting the Gods and complaining about it are not going to result in their removal.

In my experience, both Genesis and Cornelius have always been prepared to listen to reason and logic. The introduction of a new element - and such a significant one - will not have been poorly thought through. They have developed and grown this land for centuries and I personally think they deserve a little respect for that. I am not defending trinkets in any way. But what I do suggest is that instead of all this whinging, we do something productive. Vote with your feet and do not come into the land. Boycott the trinkets and raise our young ones to know the value of hard work and hard earned skills. More importantly, use this forum - the Public BB to voice your concerns, ask questions and help with the development of the land.

I am not familiar with the trinkets and I would like to hear specific concerns, not just general whining. For example, the easy bake oven I can get on board with. I have far greater concerns about certain valuable skillsets being flogged like runes in Lleu's shops. That is not the Avalon I know and love. However, I have not heard the reasoning behind their introduction from either Genesis nor Cornelius.

I sincerely hope that either Lords will consider answering my concerns in a public fashion so that we can all hear and understand the reasoning behind this decision. If they choose not to do so, I accept that is their prerogative and I certainly do not presume to insist on, or expect a reply.

I would however ask that you post your personal concerns in terms of how they affect you, so that we can start a productive discussion instead of all this whining I am hearing. Any new major new element introduced will always require honing and adapting to get right. I would rather be part of this process in a positive way, than spend my valuable time moaning about something that I can't do anything about.

Always With The Light,


Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 1st of Ilmarael, in the year 1471.