Mercinae, The Fading Light

Forsworn Guilend, the Oathbreakerto Everyone

Greetings Avalon, from the shadows of Thakria.

I first must thank so many Thakrians for their help in achieving in smashing yet another statue of Hyperions. I would name you, but then that is a long list.

Now to the subject at hand. Mercinae, this post is really to you. You seem to be a fading city, since we never should have been able to smash one statue in your city, let alone two. You call us cowards for smashing while no one is on, yet you fail to recognize that most of us has been smashing those statues for, almost none stop for three avalon months.

And have been attack on many occasions, but you never had the man power or training in combat to stop us.

Some of you didn't even fight with convection in your hearts as we Thakrians smashed away at the statues of your patron.

Though I, and along with Thakria have achieve something great in the smashing the statues of the God of the Light, but I personly feel sadness in my heart, for Mercinae is fading, and though things do change, the conflict between our two cities has always been there, and that conflict is what forge knew paths for our young, to bring on new life.

But your lack of combat training for your young is one of many of your short comings, as it will always turn away many young Avalonians that simply cannot compete with their Thakrian peers.

Those of you that can fight, only come on to fight, never to really teach, always complaining of favouritism, and the likes, but never teaching your novices anything but hatred for the realm or simply do not show up a couple days a week.

When asked about training for the novices, I was told why not I teach them, but a student should not be a teacher, for the entire term, as then the youth will be limited by the knowledge of the student teacher.

I want the realm to thrive again, have life, and change means life, and conflict means there is something worth living for.

Mercinae, I warn you know, your light is fading. best to act fast before it fully goes out, and your city is ashes, smoldering.

Thank you for reading this.

Forsworn Guilend, the Oathbreaker

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 17th of Skyelong, in the year 1446.