Lord of Time, Creator, Dare I say, mentor and friend at times.

i would like to respectfully request that my prefix be changed to Sir, and my Suffix be changed to \"The Lion of Mercinae\"

I earned the title of Sir when knighted by my guildmaster Sir Trell, Soul Forger witnessed by my father Sir Kes, The Flashing Blade, Deputy Guildmaster Sir Yousuf, and my brother Sir Constantine.

All of the Knights Guild of Mercinae.

The suffix I earned for \"showing avalon that mercinaens do not hide and though we may die, and in doing thus we learn, improve, and eventually triumph. \" This said by Prince Rhagar of Mercinae, and on a more personal note for showing mercinaens that winning was possible even againt seemingly insurmountable evil.

I admit to, at times, acting the berserker, and one time a clown when i went into autoimposed exile after being betrayed by the new soul that took the guise of my Lord Castigere. The rage got the better of me that day. It was a very long time ago however.

The lazyness I will not admit to, you better than ANYONE ELSE as we have talked about it a couple times know that my time IN the game was always spent doing something, even if that something was seducing Animists in order to get herbs. Most of the time howver it was spent honing my skills, crushing evil bullies, defending my city, and rallying people to fight, a very big portion of my time.

I was High-Priest of 2 gods , I was honoured to be High-Priest of Justice then of Light. I was honoured to have been Prince of Mercinae, to have been a leader of all non-evil cities.

A lleader in the Knight's profession guilds of those cities.

It has been my honour to serve these guilds, to serve my order, and above all to serve Mercinae my first love (my second being Aster my darling wife)

You once promised to allow me a room in the moon inn next to Eldar, The master spearsman, this when I was Viceroy of Mercinae. I still chuckle at that conversation, I am a nostalgic man, definately and emotional one, and perhaps even a foolish one. Loyalty to my friends however, that cannot be questioned.

Though I have been in all the different cities nobody can call me a city/guild hopper, I was loyal, every single time I quit a city or got thrown out was because I saw in the actions taken or patrons chosen the inevitable downfall of the city, and history has proven me right every time. Though I admit I never imagined Orinoko would be the cause of the City of Dreams being whiped off the face of Avalon.

Sorry... The ramblings of old men remembering their glory days.

I have loved this land deeply and fully for almost 20 years, I don't think I deserve to be known as a sad lazy clown due to impossible to control and extremely sad occurences out of this land.

I thank you for reading this tetter of legacy and to Mercinae, My blood is in your mortar, my tears and my sweat mingle with the waters of the fountain south of the square, yours is a tradition of generosity, kindness, valour, and fierce loyalty. Maintain those ideals, crush the evil in this land, help one another, NO MERCINAEN DIES ALONE. Be Knights at heart if not in profession.

Forever, Sir Dunccan, Knight of Avalon, The Lion of Mercinae.

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 30th of Springflower, in the year 1406.