Betrayal and Apology Demanded

The Wyldefyreto Lord Nighteagle

I spent many years as your TM. LLeu first went behind my back, although I was online over 100 hours last week, dumped Dona as my Deputy Trade (who can mine with Jems) and put Pollux in there. I thne had to retrain Pollux in a lot of the changes to the land and to trade (No offense, Pollux). Pollux offered to get oil in for the city including that needed for warfare. He requeste 40 cauldrons. Since it was his orle, I made them for him. Next I hear I am A THEIF, I stole Comms by Dona. I wish she had believed me. The comms I took went int the things Pollux wanted (POLLUX come clean). The comms I processed ALSO belonged to my Rangers who planted their fields. Had you have checked Mercinae gave absolutely NO support in the Spring Planting, so I did about 7 fields of hemp on my own. The Cotton, Wheat, Heamp that I took belonged to the Ranger Guild. I had borrowed a spinning wheel, but it was returned. You also have the Ranger share of the Hemp Harvest.

Had you chosen to apologize, or Dona chosen to Apologize or Pollux offer to come clean that he LOST the comms I gave him, it would have been fine.

However calling me a thiief, a liar above all thingns, makes me hurt and unforgiving of the City of Light, who before I did all my work to support.

So an apology is in order. Too bad you are never in th eland to see the truth, who really betrayed you and who was so quick to shout Thief and Liar at their best fired.

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 14th of Paglost, in the year 1405.