The BEAR has feelings

The Wyldefyreto Lleu Morningstar, Of The Daywatch

I come on today to get ready for spring. The deal I had made with your appointed Deputy Trade was I would look after Spring, Fall, Harvest, Food, Fishing, gathering comms, and he would look after Oil, Warfare, Mining and other duties. I took sevearl days to train him. And I was PISSD that you never bothered to even ask me, you dumped Dona and made him Deputy Trade after less than a few days in the land. AND I had to RE-TRAIN him (no offense). So, knowing and trusting that Mercinae's Deputy TM was there to take care of mining etc during the winter months, I trusted him and took a few well deserved days off to tend to other-worldly important projects.

I come back to tend to my Guild (yes, I am the DGM and Mama Bear of the Rangers, and they too are important to me). Last year, the Rangers tended their own fields for the first time in years and I took those comms, some fish, that I had gotten from the boats I had made, and fed my cubs. I even answered the very RUDE commands \"get off your ass and go get us herbs and poisons\" from people like Nieon. I took time to help my city to it's best.

I come today, to have Dona screaming in my face THIEF! I explained how and where the comms were used (Cauldrons for catching oil and for warfare, wood for warfare... all requested by my Deputy Trade) I got the rude answer \"yes but YOU STOLE THEM: Bull. Absolute Bull. I actioned every transaction and no one cared to read them or trust me.

Then I was calle dTraitor because I dared do some comms and harvesting with the Guild's belongings and field for my guild.

So since you went over my head to begin with, called Planting/Harvesting/Processing & Comms work a WASTE OF YOUR TIME. and Dona calling me a THIEF and a LIAR, I no longer wish to be associated with the ONCE City of Light. To me the Honor is gone. To me, the Trust is gone. Overnight freinds turned to enemies. All suspecting I was a turncoat, I was a thiefi and I was a liar.

I am cleaning out my store. I am taking back 2 of the 3 ships that I bought and paid for.

I still pay my deepest respects to your King, and of course your Patron.

But until I get a formal apology from, you, Dona and anyone else who DARED assume I had alterior motives when I have worked my rear off for the city - well you are more dishonorable than Tharkia to me right now.

I believe an apology was in order. I was gone 4 lousy days to attend to a family emergency, knowing that my Deputy Trade was oging to do what he promised with the comms I stupidly fetched for him. And I am the one to be called a thief? More like a scapecoat. So BAAAAH, Mercinae! BAAH!

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 1405.