Zyl of Parriusto Everyone

In the above mentioned work, everthing after VIOLA and up to the Messenger quest Discussion was speaking about the Spiritual quest. Sadly, The lionshare was lost. And I will attempt a quick recap.

For your Spiritual Course the trick is to keep an eye out for the npc response post success. Also, only shake down... er... tithe a group once. No one likes a greedy mendicant. After the first or second tithing a wise old sage, scholar, or the like will approach you with other places you might tithe.

Write those down (or do a prntscrn) 'cause the client buffer make not let you go all the way back to review your list of well off faithful. Now this also occurs poat one of the exorcisms but start with the tithes because you get to keep the alms after the course.

Only need 6 I think but you should be able to do as many as 10.

Other wise before setting offf at the start of each course. Ask advice. The instructors have a slew of good -to-know stuff to share. Please don't judge my post toooo harshly as it's my very first... and of course, now my very second. And yes, I'm aware that such a gaff of lost data in the first post on the subject of excellence is a bit ironic. Luck and due diligence.

Zyl, your friendly neighborhood Artisan



Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 9th of Agamnion, in the year 1403.