A new Christmas Avalonian Carol - to the tune of Jingle Blells (as seen from the eyes of an PW(

Guardian Wyldefyre Tender of the Foreststo Everyone

Dashing through the land

In snowshoes all the day

Through foroests lands we go

Tending all the way

SEe the fire glow

From locations far away

Taking off the apron now cause there'll be HELL to Pay!

Oh Gardening, gardening, garde-ning we go

Over hill and over dale, in hunger and in thirst


Gardening, gardening, gardening we go.

Vowing if we have to fix these lands, we will take from Thakria first!

Oh Sorcs on Krampus ring

On Santa's Naughty List

From hears and tells throughout the land,

I know my Lord is Pissed!

so as you see the lands

again showing poisons and herbs

Please pants a local Sorcerar

Give them what they deserve!

Oh kissing Thaks, Kissing Thaks, hugging Thakrians all the day

I know some sometimes that the poor sorry sorcs

Would wish I'd go away.

I may not fight, I may not fight.

I'm just a huggy neutral PW

But being neutral means being both Good AND bad

As Elders could warn you.

So let us end this song

On a cute and haooy note

I will keep on tending gardens

While my family slits yourthroat

For Rangers far and wide

Are answering the call

You will never reallly know

Just when I'll just appear

Give you a wink, avoid your stink

And Moon you in the rear!

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 18th of Skyelong, in the year 1394.