Why we, Big Scary Sorcerer-Men need herbs

Cuddly Vannish The Bear Animistto Everyone

Hello, this is Big Scary Sorcerer-Man (Thanks Solxor),

You should teach us herbs because:

We burned a lot of forests, you have got to admit it... the herbs and trees

were a mess! We are just helping you redesign and improving the forests

We bullied your saplings, if we didn't do that, who would teach them how

to defend themselves against us in the future!?

We used a mad tree that was returning for a single day and never coming

back to teach us herbs, how would you know your traitors if we didn't do

this innocent experiment!?

We already have some with herbs inside our guild, so we still totally

need to be taught herbs! This is totally unacceptable!! We are NOT doing

this because we love to cause fires and causing trouble! This are real


Also, hope you remember we will burn every place on Avalon, you hear me?

Except for Thakria... we'll also use other Thakrians to teach us herbs and

help us fighting... and we might also enemy you to Thakria for no reason

at all just because you are involved in this mess (even if you don't want to

and in fact trying to negotiate for peace before even if it failed)

or because we don't like you, even if you sell herbs to young and returning

thakrians and help them with whatever they need! BUT WE ARE NOT INVOLVING


Now seriously, please check your hypocrisy and check what you have achieved

already. You already have herbs on Belgarath and you had your fun burning

forests, I think its reasonable to cease all this, or atleast stop

involving Thakria itself in it. As Calagan himself said, \"This is not a

Thakria vs the forests issue. \", so don't make it look like it is if you

respect your own cardinal. Also, if you really think any of you

(except perhaps Charlamane, I haven't seen him doing much in all this

but he hurt the forests in the past and if he plans on getting herbs one

day, he should probably continue the good job for a longer time to give

reasons for the Animists to forgive him and possibly ever do such

decision. This is just a recommendation, I'm not longer an Animist and

cannot read minds so I don't know.)

deserves to learn herbs, especially after all this, I don't understand

your jealousy towards Agarwain's Furglewort storage, ALSO its not like

the animists are teaching everyone herbs except for you. As far as I know

5 people were taught herbs, 2 of them Thakrians, 1 of them a Sorcerer.

You don't need such ridiculous excuses to kill trees, just stop overdosing

on Dargwirith... you'll soon turn into one and then you may kill yourselves

all you want.

And just so you know, I'm saying all this as someone who opposes Sorcerers

being excluded as a guild from learning herbs. Now stop pretending to be

innocent victims who didn't get herbs for Christmas.

Thank you all for reading, Ex-Animist Cuddly Vannish the Bear Animist.

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 4th of Paglost, in the year 1391.