The Reunification of the Druid Profession

Elmaethor, god of the starsto Everyone

I'll echo Sylvanus words and add my congratulations to the chorus of voices no doubt pleased to see that the long lasting schism between the two guilds of the Druid profession has at last been healed. After almost 200 years, the Druids have rejoined with the Animists and this is in no small part due to the excellent efforts of Maud and Anaalia. Both have an addition marking the occasion in their HISTORY files and both will doubtless go on to be remembered as the two that made many an Animist's dream come true.

There is a storm on the horizon. World war looms. Conflict bubbles through every corner of the land. This reunification coincides with the recent reunification of the Sorcerer profession under the banner of the original guild. It is no doubt a symbol of the trying times to come that Avalon's most bloodthirsty and most altruistic professions have chosen to come together - how soon they will clash remains to be seen...

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 1390.