Sir Galahadto Everyone

If the bulletin board is to be believed, Mercinae is falling apart at the seems, whilst the citizens of Thakria & Parrius have become paragons of virtue.

Baron Davros mentions the need to protect his properties with runes because of the \"lawlessness\" which exists in Mercinae, whilst not making mention of the fact that it is the thieves of Thakria who raid the houses in Mercinae rather than Mercinaens themselves. He also neglects to mention that yet another of the Thakrian Barons has laid waste to numerous Mercinaens of all levels, and attempted to ruin the Mercinaen economy. I would suggest that before laying the blame for all of this on Mercinae, that Thakria puts its own house in order first.

Then we move onto the very able and calculating Barons and Baroness of Parrius. Whereas Eshkadeth did indeed slay Davros, he was very ably assisted by Urquoth who seems to have avoided all the flak by keeping his head down. Calladan continues to exploit any & every opportunity to malign Mercinae, and seeks to ruin Mercinae's economy