Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

SESSIONS are your friend! Look here: some people enjoy sympathy and complaining woe-begotten is a comfortable role. Some are so polite they feel to voice their issues might be rude. It is not rude! If we don't hear about an issue sometimes it remains unknown, or if it is not voiced as priority, it could become sidelined for weeks. We have a lot to do (see HELP TODO) and time is spread across a dozen areas of the gamesystem to keep things progressing for all. Time allocation is critical.

SESSIONS are important. We have set aside work hours for two a day potentially: one for bugs, one for development/balance. Every session is progress. Each one is individual, personal and gives you a chance to talk through what needs attention - to make better your quality of Avalon life.

The SESSIONS are not only good for you - guaranteeing attention to all your issues from Genesis and Elmaethor - but the session content tells us what should receive priority attention. It helps focus. You are helping others too. And, consider: many of you put in 50, 100+ hours a week. Lay aside just three and you'll make a big difference: for you, for your profession, for Avalon. It might take a session a week for the next month to get all your stuff sorted but there's no better way.

See SESSIONS and SESSION REQUEST to lay your name down or talk to Elmaethor direct a.s.a.p. Don't worry if the session you request has many others requesting or if the times seem a bad fit. Putting your name down ensures we'll be able to make times that work. And we have no problem with multi-sessions; far from it.

Some months from now the intense development phase will be finished. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of what Avalon becomes by end 2015. The previous major development phase ended 1995. For almost twenty years. So make it count while it counts most. Be involved, voice your ideas, tackle bugs and problems: SESSIONS are the means to an end and I'm not sure there's a better one.