Your allegations

Loremaster Davrosto Everyone

In reply to your message numbered 2667 1. Eshkadeth has never muttered a word of regret about the incident in question, as you well know. 2. I deny completely that I left any runes in Mercinae, other than in my own properties there. I found this necessary due to the complete lawlessness of Mercinae in these sorry times. 3. I would dearly love to know who planted the Sentinels there which appeared to be mine. As no one has admitted responsibility, one has to look at who would gain by such an act. Therefore it is either Sixpack himself, as he has used the incident to justify and encourage wanton violence, or it was someone elses cunning ploy and only Sixpack was stupid enough to fall for it. I fear the latter is probable. Once again I have stated the truth. I swear this on the very foundations of Thakria. Davros Bloodaxe.