A Competition.

Elmaethor, god of the starsto Everyone

The Pantheon is holding an Avalon-wide competition for everyone. All are welcome to participate.

It is very simple. Pick up to 5 messages verbatim from Avalon itself for us to showcase on the new website. Please try to choose different types of text (room, object, ability, etc.).

What made you gasp in amazement when you first read it? What chilled your bones or made your skin crawl when fighting? What room dazzled you?

You can select any object description, ability message, combat text, room verbose or any piece of text from Avalon.

Submit a letter with your choices to Elmaethor and Cornelius to be entered into the contest. Entries will be judged by the Pantheon and all participants will receive a modest reward.

The event will end on June 1st 2015.

Elmaethor, god of the stars

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 22nd of Agamnion, in the year 1378.