In all my life I have only trusted a single mortal and very few gods. Every god I had ever trusted betrayed me or disappointed me in some way. Some more recent than others.

Well one other mortal I should say. I trusted you.

You begged me, messaged me repeatedly to fall back from Knightswood, you exorted me to listen to proteus to listen to his deal to take it. Then you and I talked and once I agreed to the terms of that deal I pulled back my men that were poised and ready to assault the Knightswood.

I trusted you, trained you, I FOUGHT TO KEEP THE CROWN ON YOUR GRACELESS, HEAD! I loved you...

What did you learn from me? Only to thrust your lackluster sword, from the Khursunites, from Fig, from Julian, from Teryn every LAST one of them you learned politics didn't you.

I spit on your politics! A true daughter of Mercinae aren't you? That Mercinae where word means nothing, where position, power hunger, and a pat on the head from your patron means all!

I SUFFERED FOR YOU YOU DAMNABLE WENCH! I Worked for you, how many sleepless nights Xion??? HOW MANY!!!!?? THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME WITH TREACHERY!!??!?

Yes we had nothing formal oathed to the gods , yes we had no post on the BB but i had your WORD and that was enough for ME!

I dare you call me a liar say it isn't true I swear by the god of Storms that I will post it all on meetplace. Your begging, your whining, please leave Knightswood alone! Lets reach a diplomatic solution!

I loved you.....

I trained you...

I fought for you...

Death is all that is left. We will see if you learned valor too or if the skies and a stockroom will be your throne room once more.


Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 1st of Ilmarael, in the year 1374.