The final act of the Martyrs.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

The Rite of Union also returned to the martyred fractal-souls their physical bodies and their existence as fractals became a thing of the past. All twenty five of the martys were given a choice at the Rite: Magic or Vengeance. This choice defines the permanent gift received by each martyr in recognition for their sacrifice and blessing, either a gift of Magic from Cornelius or a gift of Vengeance from Xanthe.

Here are the fractal martyrs whose choice was MAGIC: Kandar, Siranae, Kahn, Gandalph, Devi, Caine, Draegothe, Stilette, Zio, Kalvin, Arund, Piccolo.

And here is the list of martyrs whose choice was VENGEANCE: Flagg, Dankus, Solaria, Malak, Sonja, Necrophona, Quinn, Satsuki, Elweth.

Three were not at the Rite of Union. Mystogan later chose Magic. Alore and Calinn have yet to choose.

The final act of the martyred fractal-souls is the return walk, back through the Flame Imperishable - a symbolic promenade that seals their choice and bestows the gift itelf. It is for the martyrs alone to know the powers gained by Magic or Vengeance and no doubt the world will come to learn as the former fractals start to use them.

The return walk will begin this weekend either this evening or tomorrow evening depending on the time chosen for the revelations expected from Cornelius and Malhavok as \"Magic\" and \"Doom\" are cast aside in favour of new realms...