Short Open Session.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

There'll be a brief open session later tonight attended/watched by a few

Gods and- by request- involving anybody with an interest in combat

damage and ensuring everything gets a test over before this weekend's

gem quest. Specifically: bear, wolf, tree, bat, stronghealth, fog,

Ordainable health, i.e. the expanded health capabilities; and fatigue,

persona age and XP Level influence on end-damage.

FYI we reckon the curve needs a bit of adjustment for damage against

expanded health protagonists and animal-form strikes need to have

their damage increased in light of everything being fixed up pretty

nicely for human v human regular health interplay. Regardless: it

will all get sorted out tonight.

Anybody who'd like to be included can probably show up but may be

advised to let me or Loki or your patron(if he/she is going to be

a-watchin') know.

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