Divine Shell Quest, of 12th day of Hindyear, 1362.

Ashvani, goddess of the moonto Everyone

We had quite a bit of fun today during the scheduled quest. We had quite a few new and some rather old faces in attendance. The quest ran for about 2.5 hours with some participants coming in late, but still making a impact on the event.

Xion by far dominated the majority of the event, with her quick reflexes, fleeting ability, and fast feet brining her to win the grandprizes. Billum remained not far behind her for the majority of the quest with his impressive ability to stay mobile until he had to depart a shortly before the sands ran out dropping him to fourth. And Julian running up, behind them was able to second place. In the LW ranks, Brabo deserves mention, able to match players many years his senior to take the 3rd place.

Prizes where handed out to these top eggers, as well as favours to some other of the notable participants.

I will be looking to host similar events in the coming weeks and months so keep a eye out for news pertaining to these quests!

Now onto a more serious note,

A lot of time can often go into the planning and carrying out of these Divine Quests, especially on the behalf of the Divinity who is arranging them for mortal enjoyment. These games are fun and are generally welcomed and respected by the populace, however we occasionally get the rarer player who will sign up for an event, often as the event is starting and then often leave to go do other things uninvolved with the quest itself(labours etc). The divine are often benevolent to those who need to withdraw

from participation due to unforseen events or other reasonable circumstances and this can be easily done with direct communication to the deity providing the event. But to purposefully sign on to compete, gather any quest protections/benefits, and then leave to idle labour, or socialize with friends is seen as highly disrespectful, not only to the divine who worked to provide the opportunity for play but also to teammates and other competitors, and often times may throw off the balance of the game its

elf; it will not go unnoticed or tolerated by any means. You should not find yourself surprised to be at the receiving end of any divine wrath that may befall you, should you resort to such tactics. Communication is key, if you cannot continue for whatever reason. Do the respectful thing, tell someone. It is not the place of the presiding deity afterall to accommodate to the daft.

Ashvani, goddess of the moon

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 12th of Hindyear, in the year 1362.