False voices from the ether.

There is no need to beg forgiveness, old bear - for the very form and indeed the forest-god you cite were as much my creation as the inherited and VERY TRUE soul of nature as embodied by Brigantia as she stands before us today. The mortal entrusted centuries ago with that most precious of gifts gained the divine avatar over 15 years ago (almost four Avalon centuries). She gave us just over five hundred Avalon days of her presence and then fell dormant. We saw her briefly at 2-3 year intervals in February 2003 and April 2005 and spasmodic appearances 2007 through 2009 leading into years of dormancy 2010 until spring 2012. The land benefitted from four months of much welcome though irregular visits from our goddess of nature, until the sad day of 15th September 2013. This was the last time Brigantia was perceived by mortal man or woman in the realm and still no word on expected absence, return or respect for the needs of the land (which ultimately must come first, though I say it who've neglected my own creation at times 'tis true).

For all of you mortals who regularly petition me for appointment and all those gods and goddesses in whom I show faith enough to entrust divine stature/influence and power: it is a mistake to presume in an instant that appointment creates an eternal \"right\" to godhood over all Avalon and for all time, no matter what you do or how much commitment you show to the needs of the land. Brigantia: I think I was patient beyond what was in the best interests of the realm you were appointed to represent. No other profession, in fact, presents so many petitioners for appointment - perhaps they recognise the need for a presence who's actually present at times. I was determined not to make any decisions while I myself was absent and indeed the appointment of a new soul to inhabit the goddess of nature is not permanent. The grapevine informed me of sickness preventing use of the net a while back; this consideration added years of patience and goodwill. The antipathy of the person appointed goddess of nature in 10-15 years ago was posted publicly within 24 hours of our new goddess's apotheosis. So time enough to play an active role outside of the land but no time to provide the much-needed guidance, nurture and care in Avalon itself. I have, moreover, searched all my mailboxes and message repositories for some communication from the former deity. Not a word.

Wyldefyre you are under a misconception if you believe yourself authority to insult one of my appointed deities with any weight. Your opinion is your own. All Avalonians are free. Those ungracious enough to behave without respect or due 'time for assessment' before reaching (let alone expressing) opinion on a deity - and typically it is a voice as absent as the once-goddess, returning to enrich the public BB with the previous post on the back of a year's absence and, before that, two to three years dormancy, another year before that, etc.


It may be my decision (for good or ill) when making appointments to the pantheon but all should bear in mind: the duty of care for those giving divine position or even those holding rank high in the priesthood is NOT to me but to Avalon and its peoples and the world represented by your realm. The former goddess of nature and the current senior priestess of the forests (equal rank to Elmak after an unsuccessful effort to browbeat Maedhros into placing Wyldefyre as his superior): is it possible you feel the land, the realms of nature or the forest, the legacy of Life from 20+ RL years ago, do they benefit from your loving care, does the current incarnation of Brigantia whose hopes and active presence might spark at long last a modicum of hope in realms left rudderless and untenanted so many years.

Wyldefyre: have a read of your BB posts the last time you showed up for a week. If you can see the wood for the trees (cough) their content will show the \"quality\" of your love in stark contrast. The only lengthy missive of those few days of busy, holly promises were demands you led the realm of forests (to Maedhros) and - ironically - long \"persuasion\" mails to me fishing for appointment.

I don't normally lay out in such detail such ignoble pretence to (in effect; potentialy) usurp patron oe - in this instance - the very realms your delusion in absentia reckon to represent. It is not so.

PS if anyone DOES happen to have any questions about appointed deities young or old, I won't disdain to explain as best I can. My decisions are not perfect by any means but my aim and my motives (the care of Avalon and its unique oft-irreconcible fundamental precepts) are UNWAVERING and will forever remain so. Me, I can't promise ever-present but I DO try in all \"Creator\" decisions: to do what is best for Avalon and my vision of what's right. I know not everyone shares my vision entirely. Active mortals will always be heard in gainsay. Absent commentators often won't be, unless in replying it gives a chance to make some important point for the benefit of Avalonians present and future. Love 'em or hate 'em but see nothing disingenuous. It is, after all, subjective. It just so happens the Creator's subjective is invariably Avalon's objective. It couldn't be otherwise.

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 22nd of Agamnion, in the year 1359.