Neglect and Avalon's 25th Anniversary; the Next Ordination.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

I'll post this here and not on NEWS or any of the external forums since I feel it premature to presume on getting people's hopes up and not fulfilling expectations BUT, fundametally: do not fear that Avalon has been consigned to perpetual neglect. Nothing could be further from the truth. Avalon will never be abandoned and will always be close to my heart; always in the end (I hope) given enough respect to demand time and energy and priority no matter what.

More than anyone else I've good reason to attend to Avalon's needs as it approaches its 25th anniversary - to think back over all Avalon has given beggars parallel and it'd be impossible, nay f'ing rude, to not reciprocate. It doesn't need justifiably frustrated/angry Elders posts about money invested in characters (though this is entirely reasonable). Avalon deserves - insists on - time, effort, thoughtful energy and completion to spec. Hopefully the coming months will put substance to the statement.

Believe you me: if once the gamedesign is finished and given sincere play-time enough to judge, if there remain calls for \"\" i.e. Avalon pre-spec, pre-antibot, in a sense Avalon from 3 years ago - then this will be taken seriously. As First Age used to have, we've retained simple on/off commands across the board so in a matter of minutes this version of Avalon could be made reality. That said, what is currently requiring completion needs to be completed and I ask only a sincere judgment be made on the finished product; not the long-frustrating work in progress. Avalon shouldn't lose its natural next 'version' (combating gameplay flaws/issues I reckon most decry like the primacy of super-client automation) because I've been criminally slow about sorting it out.

NOW: October/November of this year is Avalon's 25th anniversary.

It remains pencilled in, to crown this milestone with a competitive Ordination. This demands a gamesystem in suitably balanced, definitive state. It makes for a concrete goal and deadline. I'm aware it relies on me more than anyone to ensure the standards are met but there's a lot the Avalon players (especially those of long-standing and insight) can do to help. I know it will take a little time to become confident your own efforts will be met/reciprocated so suggest nothing more than a slow, equitable and 'fresh start, open mind' approach from y'all. Feel free also to tell me openly where you feel, here on, your own efforts aren't being appreciated; or where you reckon coding work should best be directed.

If the next three months are consistent, constant and comprehensively collaborative we can ensure Avalon (in-game) is in a fit state for public announcements and newsletter mailshots (our 'valid' mailing list is over half a million strong). We should all be confident that an Avalon properly balanced out and its gamesystem without bugs and not-yet finished skills, populated by dynamic and players confident their abilities/commands all work as they should: this will be an Avalon whose success lies in its own hands and one whose resurgence I reckon WILL be inevitable.

This land is unique. I figure we can all pinpoint reasons why it is peerless - whether one prefers it or not, I'm sanguine enough folks DO to ensure the quarter-of-a-century Ordination will match the numbers, quality and suitably tense, unpredictable denouement of its predecessors. Be mindful: sands elminations are one versus one but the Amethyst Ordination involves everybody so no matter how the contenders match up as individuals, the final result is so far beyond a single contender to guarantee an event rewarding everyone involved (when they do good things) and, ultimately, potential for absolutely anything from anyone all the way 'til the sands of time tumble away the very last second; and Avalon history is written forever more.

Those of you unversed in Ordinations and divine gem quests used to determine the contenders for Ordination check out HELP AMETHYST, HELP ORDINATION, HELP GEMS and HELP SANDS - read thoroughly and, for the Amethyst Ordination Quest in particular, even if you've not been involved in one personally (ask others who have) it won't be a big leap of imagination to feel an inkling how splendid and nerve-wracking and challenging this event invariably plays out.

There's nothing like an Ordination; no competition with bigger stakes; no event involving all players in glorious expression of everything they know of their skills and, at last, opportunity to show all their genius and all they've planned - at a crucial time when their revelation may be the deciding factor in making Avalon's next God. In one fell swoop, a player may lay down an eternal mark on Avalon history; something to be marvelled at by generations to come and, as many now read the narrative of Nostradamus' Ordination (see HELP GODNOST in the excellent section HELP 22) thrilled over by players not even born when those nail-biting contests were being fought out...!

All things being equal the next Ordination, marking Avalon's 25th anniversary, will be fought out between November and Christmas of this year. There remain enough gem quests to compete over for would-be contenders to join the list in HELP CONTENDERS and, as history has shown, nobody can predict the outcome of the sands elminations let alone the Amethyst Quest howsoever daunting an individual's reputation coming into the contest.

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 16th of Ilmarael, in the year 1357.