SESSIONS July 4th to July 14th.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

I've put up six sessions available to be scheduled and without specific end' starting Friday (in a few days) and ideally pegged for some mutually convenient time between the afternoon of July 4th and NOON on July 14th (the second Monday thence). This gives ten days. Let's all ensure the scheduled times are met as promised - something I've been unreliable about previously but won't be over these coming sessions! I've deliberately given a lot of time for the six sessions to make sure times are kept and don't overburden.

Type SESSIONS to see the sessions available/scheduled and see HELP SESSIONS for command-set info.

typing SESSION REQUEST followed by a session number logs your request for that session and you'll be contacted to arrange time specifics though it may help to message when you would ideally like your session to be, within the timeftrams posted.

Everyone, whether scheduling or not, should make sure your bugfile entries include ALL the bugs you know (type INDEX followed by your name to see a full list, including things like duplicates/already-bugfiled stuff you may have added but we've merged with a pre-existing bug initiated by someone else).

Check out HELP BUGS and HELP MOREBUGS for info on commands not only for filing bugs but - very important(!) - how to make sure your entries are properly categorised and rated for importance (if desired).

NOTE: make sure you only file bugs you know to be current, ensure you test before filing and don't just go on somebody else's hearsay or past-without-testing speculation.

Keep an eye on your INDEX and ensure you CC the categories FIXED or NOT where past bugs you've filed are no longer valid. This saves us a LOT of time. I can't overstate how helpful it is to have bugs properly placed in category and/or given category NOT, FIXED, IDEA or QUERY so we don't waste energy on non-issues and treat ideas or queries as separate to actual bugs.

Last and by no means least: do NOT presume somebody else has filed a bug/issue you know about unless it is listed in your INDEX or you know for fact it is filed. You'd be amazed how many important issues aren't filed anywhere so end up lingering unattended. This isn't to excuse the past months of neglect but as we all want Avalon progressed, bugs sorted, imbalances resolved etc: simply by ensuring the bugfile covers all known problems properly categorised and rated - it ensures what time IS spent working on the land is targeting valid current bugs; quickly or gradually advancing towards a stable, balanced and properly playable gamesystem.

Any questions, direct them to me personally if you can in tells or MSG GENESIS (which is now open for use again, having gone through the backlog!). There will, I'm sure, be more than just the six posted sessions but at this point I don't want to commit to more thna can be guaranteed; better this way than raising hopes or undertaking commitments wot don't end up met. E-mail for in-game bugs/issues requiring more detail can be addressed to

NOTE: my genesis at avalon-rpg. com e-mail address is so overspammed it's impossible to work with so anything for my personal attention should be sent to:

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 16th of Ilmarael, in the year 1357.