Treeptop Child.

Roving Sibyl, the Mystic Eyeto Blasius

Down from the treetops he descends,

Yet all he does is annoy his friends.

Pray thee gods, will it ever end?

Take my advice and make amends.

A \"Sorry\" is all that is needed,

Endless cries from zaps go unheeded.

Everyone knows he is a good child,

But alas, is he just too wild?

Take our advice, Treetop Child.

Now is the time to change your ways,

Or once against be set ablaze.

I am not saying be mild,

We just don't want you to be reviled.

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 14th of Ilmarael, in the year 1355.