La Solution.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Avalon began with 10 modems (lines) plus three or four terminals (the

genesis of hostplay idea) and when we had more than half a dozen concurrent

it was a challenging 'busy' environment. This isn't because there

weren't yet games with multi-hundreds online. There were (though not

MMORPGs or even text gameworlds; still however crap, you could go places

to be surrounded by hundreds of co-players).

To my aged eyes the biggest difference between now and then and the

\"long defeat\" being counterbalanced (leave aside gamesystem unfinished

issues - I'm aware that IS blame-the-creator stuff) ... independent

player/self-driven hunger to best others. Competitive conflict game equals

simple majority approach: who is higher rated than me, time to beat

em. Mostly this means in combat but it would apply in trading or city

expansion/building or a dozen facets of game. Same goal, though: be

the best, mark history / your generation above all others. The professions

reflect this and it's one of the lost raison d'etre of the Animists - this

profession (with a handful of those in the LM creator/supplier brood)

was refuge for those who weren't into competitive conflict. 'course their

unspoken fun came in part from unwanted peacemaking and stumbling into

the middle of battlefields, turning water into wine and merging away before

they got their heads torn off by fighters thwarted midway(!).

There'll be a News and Public BB post coming in the next week or so, also

placed on (hope all are accounted for there and remember OOC

questions, even angry or critical ones: if you feel this BB unsafe, be

100% assured won't impact Avalon. This post will be an insider

\"for the record\" covering end 2012 thru to present; a roadmap for the

short and medium term future etc. Avalon will prevail because far as I

know, incompetent management shortfalls aside, it has certain unique

precepts and remains not only the originator of so much that's become he

standard (or basis of development); but it's the only gamesystem - once 90-95%

becomes 100% done - trying to keep combat an art, an organic test of

real skill under pressure \"during\" as well as and not overmatched by

who happens to have collected the best automation. I know much automation

is a must-have but feedback I get says most Avalon-based (or clone) games

are happy to let the Perfect Robot be crowned champion fighter.

Avalon's never going to suffer this to be its epithet, no matter how

long the poor gamesystem has to sit 'almost done' waiting for me to find

time to - at the very least - offer the players who excel ways to fight

human and win. If good enough.

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 26th of Ilmarael, in the year 1354.