What I tried to do .

Sajora, Forever of the Dawnto Pahn, Dawnfire

Well I can't speak for now as I am comfortably in my little hermit shelter in a quaint little island off the main land muttering about these youngins who don't listen now a days but I can say what I \"used\" to do.

Fighting aside, shocking as it seems, isn't my favorite thing to do. Building and assisting communities is where all of my joy would could from. Remember when all of us young rangers would commiserate in the stone cross treetops and run in and out for hit and run attacks on the stronger fighters? Those days I still hold warmly in my heart as highlights of why my heart can yearn for these lands.

Other favorite highlights were helping to encourage young mercinae fighters and band together against the strong Thakria of old. After that it was supporting and being a part of a strong Springdale that included (though I was not apart of) the followers of Justice and the Fediken.

After that I went to Parrius and had a grand time with Orielle, Salvador, Clara, Tempre, Mirales and others in making a strong and well rounded Parrius full of independent thinkers and finding a nice balance of those who fought for glory, city, realm, order and laughs. Picked up some warfare tricks during that time.

My latest journey into Silverfalls has been pleasant but if there was a larger citizenry I could do so much more.

My favorite has always been the Rangers Guild. Supporting each new generation with support or any little bits of advice I could give them and be someone they could bounce ideas off of.

What I would try to do for those outside of my friendly sphere was to be a good enemy. If people were curtious and polite we could trade ideas. I held grudges and perhaps I would push things a bit too far but I wanted to inspire just enough hate for those to work themselves harder to thwart whatever it was I was trying to do. Avalon is no joy unless I had 2-3 arch enemies who I would spend my time figuring out how to annoy. It was never just about finding any (Fight) for me. I wanted it to be ugly, per

sonal, and thrilling. I would hope this would make both of us stronger as it's been many years sense I had an actual desire to drive anyone from this realm.

Now? Well it's no pleasure to use all this effort for just a handful. Maybe all the whorish knights can come back, knock up the wenches and populate these lands again for some real fun.

Sajora, True Whatever

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 14th of Ilmarael, in the year 1354.