And all others claiming to be working for a better realm.

Pahn, Dawnfireto El Salvador, The Crescent Plague

What are you doing, concrete examples please, to make the realm a better place? I know it's easy from back here in the cheap seats, but all I really hear is the lot of you doing what us fighters have always done: Looking for a fight, whenever and where ever it pleases us.

And not only that, but pursuing said fights over and over against the same, few sad individuals who still occasionally visit the realm of horribly unbalanced and buggy fighting.

And you specifically, Salvador: While I generally think you're a reasonable enough chap and certainly quite intelligent, I have to say I find it somewhat comical that you've resorted to making half-arsed points with utterly useless bluster and man-bit-compensating posturing. Behavior that you've started displaying more and more after your \"True Avalonian\" appointment.

You've done naff all for Thakria, other than be present nearly around the clock to thwart any and all fighters who'd (let's be absolutely honest here brother-man) curb stomp the rest of the maggots that you call citymates. An accomplishment in and of itself, to be sure, but hardly something to toot your horn about when it comes to \"improving the land\". They've simply grown a pair because they can ride your capable coat tails to an easy victory. If/when you get ordained or leave again, they'll be back t

o hiding in various storerooms and conquistador protected locations. We all know that.

So again, what is it that you (all players, but especially the Dunccans/Sajoras/Salvadors/Claras/Tempres/etc.) are doing to improve the realm?

Starting armchair quarterback,


Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 29th of Midwinter, in the year 1353.