You are working against me when it comes to promoting fighting.

Forget it.

What you post and what you actually do in the lands do not resemble each other. Why should I waste my time trying to get other people into fighting when this is what they have to look forward to? Bugs, fighting against skills that aren't balanced in even the fraction of ways. Things that can't be defended on unless you have perfect settings and forget about most of it being manual. Bards are not a class designed to be able to keep up with manual.

Gems, Shared Artifacts, goals of crushing guilds when there is a single member and not a large enough player base. Fighting that is not exciting nor fun. Skills abused and if workarounds found then being complained at for those.

Nobody enjoys fighting you because you may as well your hands off the keyboard and do something that is fun. You do not share information, you just use people to pad your numbers. When we shared an order I don't think I ever really heard you share useful information other then I need you to stand here and don't steal my kills.

If it's a stalemate you'll grab some Thakrian cronie and hold his hand in some preset kill spot or spam the other person bitching how its taking you longer then 5 seconds and you need to get your ocd quota of 15 kills in an hour. For what? To be here all alone? Nobody but you gives a shit.

I can't even get anyone to fight with me against these numbers before their morale is ruined under the relentless spam of it all. Nobody is having fun. People leave. I don't have it in me to tell them not to.

You are no different then Babidi, you just post lies that don't resemble your personal truth. Your actions in the game are the same. You want to spam kill everyone and hope you get praise for it. Nobody is praising you. They just don't want to deal with you when you are on another kick for attention and killing them is a way to get it.

So I petition to make Salvador a god so he can make everyone miserable up there. Others have become ordained for less or he can continue to make fighting miserable down here and people will improve fight him and go... no this isn't fun. This isn't the speed and the counters, this is just spam and misery. Because you do nothing to promote fighting unless it's dragging some less skilled person to sit in a room so they can help you pad your numbers while they just spam blackhand or rituals.

It's discouraging when I can't get anybody to fight and they can only do it for 30 minutes and not being able to defend because all the counters have been nicely fucked and screwed in one direction or another.

The spam is immense and players for years can barely keep up. Why should a mid sized player jump into a city fight if they are just going to see a wall of spam and die in 3 seconds and go what the hell just happened? They aren't going to be able to handle it today, tomorrow, 3 years or 10 years from now. There is nothing I can tell them about to keep working on it that I know won't be a lie. There aren't mid sized bards or mid sized people.

What is the point of fighting when it feel frustrating, unbalanced, and pointless? I don't have any answers. Being one shot with 3200 health is pointless while I'm being spam bitched about deafness being what it is as if it makes a difference.

Salvador you are part of the problem on why fighting is struggling to make a resurgence because these young guys who are starting to get excited for it have absolutely nothing to look forward to once they get the hang of it.

Look at the who list. There are no mid sized fighters and no stepping stones for people to work with and get their confidence up because in your greed you just plough through them til they leave and THAT is why there is no middle class. You can deny this or say the right politically correct thing but you cannot control your blood lust in Avalon. So just become ordained already, speed up the rest of these gem quests or just put a little blue crown on his head because there is nothing anybody can do make

you \"get why you are working against me rather then with me to promote fighting\"

You can post VERBOSE bull shit all day long but it comes down to this.


That's your emotional maturity and everything else is just an act.

Sajora, and everyone else who are reminded daily on why fighting isn't fun when it has so much potential to be.

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1350.