Telemachus, the god of wisdomto Everyone

I have received a few messages that support my stance on DDW, but also

a few who don't. I considered ignoring the ignorance some are showing

but as Wisdom is my realm, felt it my duty to instead try and show

the light of understanding to those who can see. To those who think

I am being unfair in my stance, have any of you bothered to look at

HELP DUELLIST and read all that is there in the help file? If you still

think I am being unfair, go ahead and read it again and even again

until you clearly can see it's purpose and place in the land. Because

as it works now, will not always be the case. One day those of you

using DDW status not as defined in the HELP DUELLIST will find it

unavailable to you because you are not using it as intended. It is

for fighting, not hiding. Not because you have a RL afflication that

makes fighting currently impossible. Not because you want access to all

of your skills to sit around and chat with your patron or friends or

even taunt your enemies who can't touch you because you are DDW.

But don't fret. Don't leave the land because you don't want to actually

fight, or can't right now, yet don't want to die either. There is a

perfectly valid and acceptable status you can take on that will allow

you to farm, mine, milk cows, chat with your friends and do city stuff

without fear of dying. Go green, become a pacifist and continue to do

all that you do as DDW, without being harassed to fight and duel. For again

I have to state that DDW is for fighting. All I am asking is those who hold

the status of DDW to actually fight a challenge or duel. I am not picking

on any individual nor supporting any individual. I am only supporting

what you will see in HELP DUELLIST when you read it. Don't let dying

scare you. Fighting can be fun, and challenging and gets your heart

flowing. But it's not for everyone. Animists and Druids should not

ever hold DDW status as they are not combat professions, typically however

if they do and are fighting spars and duels, so be it.

To my fellow deities who think I am wrong on my stance of DDW, well

all I can say to you is read HELP DUELLIST. Encourage your followers to spar

and fight, or go pacifist. STOP HOLDING THEIR HANDS! This is the last

I will be posting on this matter.

Lord Telemachus

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1349.