Cutthroat Clara, Scion of the Moonto Everyone


I have avoided posting logs of your lies and vitriol on here or any other forum to save you some face but you are past that now. I spend at LEAST a day a week under her disfavour, all because I left the order of a dormant god (its still beyond me why it was any of your concern). Of course you will lie, as you do when backed into a corner. It was for my mouth, for how I speak to you so I might as well act as I am accused.

Sulisia, you are so incompetent that even your HPS doubt your capability. You or your order have no knowledge of priest festivals - in fact I believe Dunce is still blathering on about how a statue in a spot for a month removes a mark. You sketch rituals for your city mages, you move people out of combat, you remove items and comms from properties being broken into, you spend a HUGE amount of time spying on me by coming into my location - in quite an unhealthy obsessed way I might add. You disfavour

me for picking locks, killing Mercinaens (I would suggest that both you and Aster learn how to use the guide function. If she had indeed been guiding a novice, I would have been UNABLE to attack her). You disfavour me for performing priest festivals, iconaclasm, and my personal favorite, for stealing a beehive from the street in Mercinae. I believe after which you told my own patron that you had no hesitation in continuing to disfavour me for any use of my professional skills. Oh and for the recor

d, NO God, has ever dropped me into any location. Another lie.

So disfavour me. EDF me, underworld me, statue me. Have this post removed - I will ensure it is read through other channels but I no longer recognise you as having any authority over me whatsoever.


Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 13th of Cloudburst, in the year 1349.