Anniversary, and other things...

El Salvador, War's Clarionto Everyone

Today is a special day. On this very day, 100 years ago, I was defeated by Edgtho in the closest Ordination Quest that Avalon has ever seen.

No official write up was ever produced, but all who remember will attest it was a thrilling contest; the Divine Amethyst changing hands so often it ensured the result would be unpredictable - and unpredictable it was.

Few things rival the emotions one feels while watching another raise the Divine Sceptre instead of yourself and I confess that it was a heartbreaking sight.

That was the past. This is now.

I have matured. In becoming more mellow, I have become more dangerous. In becoming more relaxed, I have become more relentless. The tenets of the Lord of War have never rung so strongly within me.

Avalon is a different world to that of the year 1249. Many have lamented the paradigm shift in attitudes; the population almost lethargically apathetic toward the violence that once defined the world's very identity. The bloodthirsty and brutal have been outshadowed by the automatons and the insouciant.

This is not a nostalgia post. Do not confuse fond memory with a luddite-like addiction to the throes of the past.

The true heroes of Avalon are not the silently ambivalent, but the raucously pro-active, bringing forth to bear their keenly honed talents in a glorious leviathan of blood and war and pain and death.

There is no finer contest of skill within this world than the quest for the Divine Amethyst. With less than 20 years until the next, I urge you all to throw off your lethargy, cast away the ignominy of inaction and take some time to learn why some of us ride the rollercoaster of battle again, and again, and again...

Salvador, True Avalonian

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 22nd of Mournsend, in the year 1349.