Great changes.

Moonblossom Zazenaie, Mistress of the fieldsto Everyone

Dearest citizens

May I extend my happiness and delight at the arrival of our new Paton, Lady Andromeda. Hail Andromeda! your presence ensures our city remains in the safest of hands.

I was somewhat alarmed on hearing that our prince has left the city, but am so relived that Anoushka Amarwath will be crowned princess of Silverfalls. She is both strong and wise and will make a formidable leader of our great city. Also, it gladdens my heart that Islas is to continue supporting Silverfalls, and come to our aid whenever enemies turn their malignant gaze toward us.

I am honoured that I have been asked to become Minister of Trade during this time of great change, and will do my up most to do justice to this most important position. May I ask you all to be patient with me as there is much I still must learn, please offer me the gift of patients in these early days of my new roll.

I have read the plaque at Western side of the Silverfalls square for the first time and am humbled by its sentiment and so swear to this most noblest of Creeds. But my dear citizens, I must admit to being very weak when it comes to defence or attack, I have no knowledge at all really, and have thus far just ran away from danger using the leaves of the forest.

I ask for a mentor to teach me the skills that I need to honour the Creed of the Lion, and again may you be patient, as feel I will find this train in particular the most challenging.

Dear citizens, what skills I have are at your service and while there is life in my body I will defend Avalon's greatest of cities.

Long live Silverfalls!

Love and blessings,


Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 1st of Skyelong, in the year 1348.