Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

We've secured the very generous services of two highly skilled professionals in the fields of programming and system administration / website creation and server integration etc. We have January, February and March to make use and since I know various Avaloners have already certain skills (and may want more) or will be young or keen enough to gain skills to be part of Avalon - or independently, simply for the sake of industry cutting edge skills - I'm throwing open the chance for anybody interested to get in touch with me first and then either be included as one of the THREE slots available with each tutor or if more than three apply, there will have to be a preceding interview.

I am typically slack and have been occupied this week so this post should have been made Monday/Tuesday. As it is now Friday and I've just gotten reminder e-mails, I'm putting up these posts. The first tutorials would begin next week and interviews we'd want to try to fit in beforehand. If three-or-under apply then we won't need the interviews.

The two areas are: WEB SERVERS+APPLICATIONS+INTERACTIVITY and CODING ACROSS A NUMBER OF LANGUAGES. I have list details of specifics for those who're interested. Most of it means nothing to me but sounds jolly relevant.

Contact: talk to Genesis direct initially or e-mail genesis@avalonpublications.com

NOTE: I won't be tutoring so do not hope for this to be a bugfixing opportunity - stick to SESSIONS for that. There will be no charge for these tutorials.